Elections for members of the IAPS Board


Dear Colleagues,

All of you who signed up for the IAPS Symposium in 2019 and paid the annual fee are members of the IAPS association https://iaps-association.org/

Now elections are taking place for members of the IAPS Board, there are 2 seats and 3 candidates. Please enter this link and vote for the candidate of your choice, your participation is very important: https://iaps-association.org/blog/elections-for-the-iaps-board-2020/

Voting can be done until June 20, 2020 by e-mails: scollado@unizar.es; and ombretta.r.romice@strath.ac.uk.


News about the 2019 IAPS Symposium e-book

Dear Authors of Papers of the 2019 IAPS Symposium,

Initially, we would like to thank everyone for their participation and say that the Symposium Abstract Book will be released in June 2020 during the IAPS Conference (https://www.iaps2020.com/) at the Environment and Gerontology network meeting (the invitation for the online meeting will be sent soon). The e-book will be available at the IAPS website (https://iaps-association.org/) and 2019 IAPS Symposium website (https://wp.ufpel.edu.br/placeage/en/) .

The book will be bilingual, in Portuguese-English. Abstracts sent in Spanish will be kept in Spanish, with the translation also in English.

For curriculum purposes, here is the book reference mode:

AUTHOR. Paper title submitted to the Symposium. (2020). In: Portella, A; Nogueira, E .; Maia, L. (Org.). 2019 IAPS Symposium Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All – Book of Abstracts. (bilingual Portuguese – English). Brazil: IAPS & PlaceAge. ISBN: 978-1-9162129-1-6.

Post-Conference Submission – 2019 IAPS Symposium: Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities.

Dear All,

We had more than 100 people from different parts of the world coming to Brazil to participate of the Symposium. Now we are organizing the next step of the Event. It is open, to all presenters, a submission of full papers to the academic journal PIXO – Journal of Architecture, City and Contemporaneity (ISSN: 2526-7310). The papers will be selected through blind review. They can be submitted in English, Portuguese or Spanish. Please, you can access all regulations by acessing the journal site or contacting Adriana Portella (adrianaportella@yahoo.com.br) and Eduardo Rocha (amigodudu@yahoo.com.br).

We also are organizing the Book of Abstracts of the Symposium. This will be available in digital format, with ISBN, and will be send to all participants.



The organizing team of the iaps 2019 Symposium asks authors who have not received the certificate of participation as a listener and/or presenter to request us by e-mail: simposioiaps2019@gmail.com.

We appreciate the participation of all.

Open registrations of the IAPS 2019 Symposium

Check out the programming and the thematic sessions of the 2019 IAPS Symposium: Ageing in Place in a World of Inequalities: How to Design Healthy Cities for All. The Entries for attenders and oral presentation for the Symposium are open from April 1 to October 31, 2019. This Symposium is promoted by IAPS Environment and Gerontology Network.

Come and participate in this worldwide event. The IAPS symposiums promoted by its networks take place every two years in different countries; the last one was hosted in Tanzania.