Yes, Plants Do Have Memory



Yes, Plants Do Have Memory


It is time to recognize the existence of plant memory, a phenomenon that allows plants to store and recall information from previous events and then change their responses to future stressful conditions. Although many recent publications have addressed this topic and concluded about plant memory using either classical or advanced approaches, several scientists are still armored against this important concept inherent to life and found in plants. Herein, our aims are to clarify the concept of memory and its use in plants and to overview the mechanisms underlying plant memory. How do plants store information? Where is such information stored? How long can information be stored? How does memory affect the organization of a given system with such ability? These are some questions that deserve attention from the scientific community rather than inadequate and incoherent ones challenging the existence of plant memory. Let us move on to the next page and deal with plants as living beings.


Yutcelia C.F. Galviz, Rafael V. Ribeiro e Gustavo Maia Souza