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About us

The Research Group on Hydrology and Hydrological Modeling in Watersheds was created in 2013 and has been active in the Brazilian Research Groups Repository since 2014. The Research Group develops activities related to four lines of research in order to support technical and scientific studies in the field of Hydrology: hydrological monitoring, geotechnologies applied to water resources, hydrological modeling and simulation, and computational hydrology. Professors/researchers, technicians, and undergraduate and graduate students work together in this Group.

Several researches carried out by the Group were based on  hydrological data which are freely available through public sources (e.g. Hidroweb/ANA). In addition, the Research Group is responsible for a hydrological monitoring network in the Pelotas river watershed, Southern of Rio Grande do Sul State (Brazil), which allows studies in experimental watersheds with a high level of detail.

The Research Group seeks to generate and contribute to cutting-edge scientific knowledge. The Group also develops innovative products such as models, softwares and platforms, combining state-of-the-art knowledge regarding hydrological modeling, geotechnologies and computational hydrology. Thus, we seek to make water resources professionals closer to the most modern hydrological techniques.