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Hydrological Monitoring

The Research Group is responsible for a hydrological monitoring network which consists of: 10 tipping bucket rain gauges (Figure 1) installed in the Pelotas river watershed (PRW); 1 meteorological station located at the headwater of the PRW; 2 hydrological stations at tributaries of Pelotas river acquiring rainfall and water level data (Figure 2). 

In addition, the Research Group conducts automatic hydrological monitoring (rainfall and water level/streamflow) of a small experimental watershed (< 1 km2), situated in Canguçu-RS, whose main stream flows into Pelotas river.

All the data are obtained with 5 or 10-minute time steps. Thus, the existing hydrological monitoring provides hydrological series with excellent temporal and spatial representation for this region. Furthermore, these series make feasible other hydrological studies with a great level of detail.

Figura 1 – Examples of recording rain gauges.

Figura 2 – Water level monitoring at the Caneleira river.