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The System of Hydrological Data Acquisition and Analysis (SYHDA) was developed by members of the Research Group on Hydrology and Hydrological Modeling in Watersheds/CNPq of the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPel). This software allows the users to manage hydrological datasets related to rainfall and streamflow from Brazilian databases (HidroWEB – ANA, INMET), as well as databases in spreadsheet format (* xlsx).

SYHDA makes it possible to build hydrological series at different time intervals, considering or not missing data criteria. The software provides options to structure series according to calendar year and hydrological year. Regarding the analysis of hydrological series in SYHDA, some of its functionalities stand out: descriptive statistics, elaboration of flow-duration curves, streamflow seasonality analysis, probabilistic modeling with traditional and multiparameter distributions, different adjustment techniques of probability density functions’ parameters, goodness-of-fit tests and statistics for regional frequency analyzes. SYHDA’s main characteristic is to quickly perform laborious and complex analyses for a large set of hydrological series, thus supporting hydrological studies based on state-of-the-art methodologies.

For more information: SYHDA – Hydrological Data Acquisition and Analysis System.

To download SYHDA: Complete the form, please. After filling out the form, we will return with the information within 7 business days. In case you don’t receive the e-mail with the download, check your spam box.

The current version of SYHDA is a beta version. Not all the functionalities are available on the beta version. If the user needs to use functionalities that were not made available on this version (article link), please, contact the Research Group on Hydrology and Hydrological Modeling in Watersheds.