EXP-PC is approved on PROEXT 2014

EXP-PC is one of UFPEL’s projects taken into account by PROEXT 2014 Edict in the thematic line “Science, technology and innovation for social inclusion”. The resources will be utilized for the payment of extension scholarships, acquisition of permanent equipment and costing materials.

This result served as an extra stimulus for the project team that has already chosen activities to be applied in pilot groups in 2013.  

Partnership with SMED/PELOTAS defines a school for the application of activities in 2013

After many meetings, the project team, together with professionals from the Municipal Secretariat of Education and Sports of Pelotas City Hall, chose Ferreira Vianna Municipal Elementary School as the pilot school for applying activities that develop Computational Thinking abilities in 2013.

A first meeting among members of the project team, school professionals and members of SMED has already designed the first steps of joint activities. The team of EXP-PC project was really well welcomed by the School Principal Margarete B. de Armas and by the coordinators Kátia Rosane V. Souza, Priscila O. Rosinha and Amanda A. da Luz. The meeting counted on the presence of the superintendent of Teaching, Loreni Peverada da Silva and Sibele Mirapalhete Lopes (SMED/Pelotas). In this meeting, the classes profile to be worked with was identified, as well as a previous work schedule was established.

Team is divided into groups

On May 27th, 2013, the realization of the second meeting with students from the Project EXP-PC was made, where three working groups were defined. Each group is leaded by a student with scholarship.

GROUP A – Daiane Focking Andrade

Members: Daiane Focking Andrade, Felipe Vieira Borges, Fernando Angelin, Gilberto Ribeiro Paz da Rosa, Muriel Figueredo Franco, Tales Rosch Marques dos Santos.

Group B – Victor Alexandre Auler

Members: Alex Bertei, Gabriela Costa, Pablo Soares Herzberg, Plínio Finkenauer Junior, Taylor Souza Frutuoso da Costa.

Group C – Tainã Ribeiro Carvalho

Members: Eduardo Vinicius dos Santos, Patrícia Moreno Ribeiro, Rafael da Silva Dutra, Rafael Silveira, Tainã Ribeiro Carvalho.