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[2014]Activities in schools start next week

After meetings with professionals from the Municipal Education Secretariat of Pelotas, three classes from the fourth grade of elementary school were designated for the project. The EXP-PC project will work at the following schools: E.M.E.F Ferreira Vianna, Colégio Municipal Pelotense e E.M.E.F João da Silva Silveira. The activities will begin on the next week (6/6/2014), when an assessment test and a socio-economic survey questionnaire will be applied.Activities from the last year was extended and revised for this year, with the work of new scholarship students and volunteers.

Beginning of activities at Ferreira Vianna School

EXP-PC Project began its activities at Ferreira Vianna School on the first week of September, 2013. Activities will be applied for two groups from the fourth grade of elementary school. In the first meeting, there was the team’s integration with the school’s community. A set of questions was applied individually for students with the objective of getting to know them and, also, of evaluating their previous knowledge. A socio economic questionnaire was also sent to their parents with the aim of characterizing the target audience. On the second and third weeks of September, the scholarship student Daiane Andrade and the volunteer Gabriela Costa taught, respectively, the two first tasks of the first predicted activity, which is about binary numbers. The activity goal is to introduce...

PREC’s and UFPel’s Print Shop support enables pilot project in 2013

With the support of Pro-Dean of Extension and Culture and of UFPel’s Publishing House and Print Shop, the project EXP-PC has ensured the pilot execution of activities in this year of 2013. From September to November of 2013, with weekly periodicity, activities related to the development of specific abilities of Computational Thinking will be applied at Ferreira Vianna School in two groups from the fourth grade of elementary school.