• Public Choice Outreach Conference – 2017

    Alunos de graduação com nível avançado e alunos de mestrado/doutorado podem se interessar pelo tema. Seguem as informações desta Conferência de Public Choice a ser realizada em Junho (os links originais podem ser encontrados aqui).

    When is the Public Choice Outreach Conference?
    The 2017 Outreach Conference will be held on June 16-18th, at the Hyatt Centric Arlington in Rosslyn, VA.

    What is the Public Choice Outreach Conference?
    The Public Choice Outreach Conference is a compact lecture series designed as a “crash course” in Public Choice for students planning careers in academia, journalism, law, or public policy. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates are eligible to apply. Many past participants of the Outreach seminar have gone on to notable careers in academia, law and business.

    What will I learn?
    Students are introduced to the history and basic tools of public choice analysis, such as models of voting and elections, and models of government and legislative organization. Students also learn to apply public choice theory to a wide range of relevant issues. Finally, students will be introduced to “constitutional economics” and the economics of rule making.

    Who can apply?
    Graduate students and advanced undergraduates are eligible to apply. Students majoring in economics, history, international studies, law, philosophy political science, psychology, public administration, religious studies, and sociology have attended past conferences. Advanced degree students with a demonstrated interest in political economy or demonstrated interest in political economy are invited to apply. Applicants unfamiliar with Public Choice and students from outside of George Mason University are especially encouraged. Download a 2017 application here.

    What are the fees involved?
    Outreach has no conference fee – it is free to attend. Room and meals are included for all participants. However, ALL travel costs are the responsibility of the participants.

    If you have any questions please contact:
    Lisa Hill-Corley, Outreach Conference Coordinator
    MSN 1D3 – Carow Hall
    George Mason University
    4400 University Drive
    Fairfax, VA 22030 – 4444
    (703) 993-2316
    email: lhillcor (at) gmu (dot) edu

  • Defesas de dissertação – Jean M. Duarte e Douglas Pivatto

    O PPGOM comunica que, no último dia 09, foram realizadas as defesa dos alunos Jean Marcel Duarte e Douglas Pivatto cujos temas e bancas foram, respectivamente:

    Jean Marcel Duarte -Ensaios sobre a Economia da Pirataria
    Banca: Prof. Rodrigo Nobre Fernadez (PPGOM), Prof. André Carraro (PPGOM) e Prof. Gibran da Silva Teixeira (PPGE/MAR/FURG)

    Douglas Pivatto – São os Contratos de Concessões de Rodovias Federais no Brasil com tempo ótimo de duração?

    Banca: Prof. Rodrigo Nobre Fernadez (PPGOM), Prof. André Carraro (PPGOM) e Prof. Gibran da Silva Teixeira (PPGE/MAR/FURG)

    O PPGOM parabeniza os novos mestres.

  • Professor do PPGOM tem artigo publicado na PlosOne

    O prof. Cesar Tejada teve artigo publicado no último número da PlosOne. Veja o resumo e o artigo clicando no trecho abaixo.

    The sociodemographic, behavioral, reproductive, and health factors associated with fertility in Brazil
    Cesar Augusto Oviedo Tejada, Lívia Madeira Triaca , Flávia Katrein da Costa, Franciele Hellwig


    High fertility rates among disadvantaged subgroups are a public health problem because fertility levels significantly affect socioeconomic conditions and a population’s welfare. This paper aims to analyze the sociodemographic, behavioral, and reproductive factors associated with fertility rates among Brazilian women aged between 15–49 years. A Poisson regression was used to analyze data from the 2006 PNDS (Pesquisa Nacional de Demografia e Saúde da Criança e da Mulher), which evaluates socioeconomic, demographic, geographic, reproductive, behavioral, and chronic disease variables. The results show that the following characteristics are positively associated with an increase in the number of children born: being aged 20–24, residing in the North, being nonwhite, not being in paid employment, having lower education levels, having lower socioeconomic status, being in a stable union, having the first sexual intercourse before the age of 16 and having the first child before the age of 20. Thus, it is important to implement efficient family planning policies targeting these subgroups in order to improve life conditions, reduce inequalities and avoid the adverse outcomes of high fertility.

  • Seminário – “Benefícios econômicos da certificação de sustentabilidade para produtores de café”

    Prezados, o Programa de Pós-Graduação em Organizações e Mercados (PPGOM/UFPel) convida para a realização do próximo seminário de pesquisa com o tema: “Benefícios econômicos da certificação de sustentabilidade para produtores de café”, no dia 09 de março de 2017. A palestrante será da doutoranda Dienice Ana Bini (Esalq/USP).

    O seminário irá ocorrer ás 17 horas na sala 2 do PPGOM.

  • Chamada de trabalhos: ​Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association and Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society​ 2017


    ​Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association and Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society​ 2017
    Call for Papers

    The 2017 Annual Meeting of the Latin American and Caribbean Economic Association (LACEA) and the Latin American Meeting of the Econometric Society (LAMES) will take place in Buenos Aires, Argentina, from November 9 – 11, 2017, hosted by Universidad de San Andrés (UdeSA).

    The two meetings will run in parallel, sharing a single local organizing committee. By registering for LACEA-LAMES 2017 participants will be able to attend all sessions of both meetings.

    The deadline for submissions is June 5, 2017. Please note that authors may only present one paper in each track (LACEA and/or LAMES), but the same paper cannot be submitted to both tracks. However, each person is allowed to be co-author of several papers presented. Papers can only be submitted electronically through the LACEA-LAMES 2017 ExOrdo System: All papers and abstracts must be written in English and submitted electronically in a single PDF file with a maximum size of 5MB. No other format will be accepted.

    Any author submitting a paper must be a member of the respective association at the time of submission. Membership information can be found at and

    For further information please contact

  • 8th World Congress of Cliometrics

    Última chamada:

    This is the final call for submissions for papers for presentation at the 8th World Congress of Cliometrics, to be held in Strasbourg, France, July 4-7, 2017. For more information and the paper submission portal, please visit

    We particularly encourage paper proposals from graduate students. A grant from the National Science Foundation provides competitive support for travel and accommodations for students on the program.

    Michael Haupert
    Professor of Economics, University of Wisconsin-La Crosse
    Executive Director, Cliometric Society