Dr. Luis Avila

Research Fellow CNPq
: Federal University of Pelotas

E-mail: laavilabr@gmail.com


  • Ph.D. in Agronomy, Texas A&M University (2005).
  • MS in Agronomy, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (1999).
  • BS in Agronomy, Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (1996).

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Research Interest

  • Climate Change and Crop Protection
  • Herbicide Physiology in Plants
  • Weed Resistance to Herbicides
  • Molecular Weed Science
  • Agriculture 4.0

Post Held in Weed Science Societies 

Position Organization Year
Secretary International Weed Science Society 2020-24
Vice-President Brazilian Weed Science Society 2018-20
Vice-President Brazilian Weed Science Society 2020-22
Chair of the Scientific Committee 8th International Weed Science Congress 2021


Research Associates

Postdoctorate Research Associate
Name Degree Start
Vivian Ebeling Viana Dr. in Biotechnology 2019
Marcus Vinicios Fipke Dr. in Crop Protection 2020
Graduate Students – Crop Protection
Name Level Starting
Tamara Heck Doctorate 2020
Rubens Antonio Polito Doctorate 2020
Roque Maurício Palácios Zuñiga Doctorate 2020
Bruno Oliveira Master 2021
Alejandra Diaz Mater 2021
Graduate Students – Plant Physiology
Name Level Starting
Renan Souza Silva Doctorate 2017
Roberta Kneib Doctorate 2018
Maurício Couto Files Doctorate 2019
Natalia Garcia Doctorate 2019
Undergraduate Students
Name Level Starting
Andrine Boehke CNPq 2019
Eduardo Heller TCC 2019
Lucas Barros CNPq 2019

Former Students

Name Year Graduate Program
Lariza Benedetti 2021 Crop Protection
Magali Kemmerich 2019 Crop Protection
Ananda Scherner 2018 Crop Protection
Jucilayne Fernandes Vieira 2016 Seed Sciences
Andréia da Silva Almeida 2016 Seed Sciences
Gustavo Mack Teló 2016 Crop Protection
Rafael Munhoz Pedroso 2016 Crop Protection
Sidnei Kuster Ranno 2015 Crop Protection
Bibiana Silveira Moraes 2015 Crop Protection
Cristina Copstein Cuchiara 2015 Crop Protection
Edinalvo Rabaioli Camargo 2014 Crop Protection
Luiz Fernando Dias Martini 2014 Crop Protection
Kelen Muller souto 2014 Crop Protection
Bibiana Silveira Moraes 2014 Crop Protection
Julia Coswig Goldbeck 2014 Crop Protection
Carlos Eduardo Schaedler 2013 Seed Sciences
Lilian Madruga Tunes 2013 Seed Sciences
Bibiana Silveira Moraes 2013 Crop Protection
Name Year Graduate Program
Anderson Feijó 2021 Plant Physiology
Andrisa Balbinot 2020 Crop Protection
Markus Fipke 2020 Crop Protection
Lariza Benedetti 2019 Crop Protection
João Paulo Refatti 2017 Crop Protection
Fábio Schreiber 2016 Crop Protection
Carla Rejane Zemolin 2014 Crop Protection
Angela Da Cas Bundt 2013 Crop Protection
Name Year Graduate Program
Rubens Antonio Polito 2021 Crop Protection
Tamara Heck 2021 Crop Protection
Juan Camilo Velasques Rodriguez
2021 Crop Protection
Roque Maurício Palácios Zuniga 2020 Crop Protection
Bruna Christofari Ceolin 2019 Crop Protection
Mauricio Couto Files 2018 Crop Protection
Mauro Mesko Rosa 2018 Plant Physiology
Renan Souza Silva 2017 Crop Protection
Luiza Piccinini da Silveira 2017 Crop Protection
Ânderson da Rosa Feijó 2016 Plant Physiology
Thaís D’Avila Rosa 2015 Crop Protection
Mariah Souza Marques 2014 Crop Protection
Alfran Tellechea Martini 2014 Crop Protection
Marcos Garcia Marchezan 2014 Crop Protection
Guilherme Vestena Cassol 2013 Crop Protection
João Paulo Refatti 2013 Crop Protection
Ananda Scherner 2013 Crop Protection
Fábio Schreiber 2012 Crop Protection
Angela Da Cas Bundt 2010 Crop Protection
Luiz Fernando Dias Martini 2010 Agronomy – UFSM
Rafael Frigetto Mezzomo 2009 Agronomy – UFSM
Diecson Ruy Orsolin da Silva 2009 Crop Protection