Graduate Level

The Weed Science Research Group offers semianually the following classes for the Crop Protection Graduate Program in Agronomy at the Federal University of Pelotas.

Class Credits Responsible Professor Collaboration
1 Herbicide Fate in the Environment 4 Edinalvo R. Camargo
2 Weeds Ecophysiology and Interference 4 Dirceu Agostinetto
3 Herbicide Action Mode Physiology 4 Luis Avila Nilda Burgos
Franck Dayan
4 Agriculture’s Environmental Impact 4 Luis Avila
5 Weed Science Analytics Methods 101 4 Fabiane P. Lamego
6 Sustainable Managment for Weeds in a Agricultural System 4 André Andres
7 Research Methodology for Weed Science 4 Dirceu Agostinetto
8 Weed Science and Climate Changes 4 Luis Avila Lewis Ziska
9 Herbicide Chemistry and Adjuvants 4 Edinalvo R. Camargo
10 Herbicide Resistancy in Plants 4 Leandro Vargas/Luis Avila