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Edition IX (2018): 41 participants, including 19 oral presentations and 8 poster presentations

Oral Presentations

Ali Hassanali – ICTP/Italy
Alex Antonelli – Unicamp/Brazil – Polyamorphism in tetrahedral substances: Similarities between silicon and water
Marcia C. Barbosa – UFRGS/Brazil – Water and methanol mixtures
Mario Lucio Moreira – UFPel/Brazil
Mateus Kohler – UFSM/Brazil  – Water transport through MoS2 nanopores: The impact of surface heterogeneity
Carolina Ferreira de Matos Jauris – Unipampa/Brazil – New nanocarbon-based materials for sustainable applications: Synthesis, characterization and nanotoxicity
Robson Oliboni – UFPel/Brazil – Development of methods for Theoretical Studies of Molecular Systems Dynamics
Bruno Henrique da Silva e Mendonça – UFRGS/Brazil –Diffusion behavior of water confined in deformed carbon nanotubes
João Pedro Kleinubing Abal – UFRGS/Brazil-Study of the Efficiency of Nanostructures for Water Dessalination
Maike Antonio Faustino dos Santos – UFRGS/Brazil –Dynamic aspects of water in grooves of DNA
Mariana Zancan Tonel – UFRGS/Brazil –Comparative ab initio study of different functional for the benzene-benzene system
Murilo Sodré Marques – UFRGS/Brazil – Phase Diagram of Colloidal Suspensions – A Coarse Grained Model
Eduardo Osório Rizzatti – UFRGS/Brazil – Density Anomaly in Optically Trapped Quantum Gases
Tássylla Oliveira Fonseca – UFRGS/Brazil – Phase Diagram of Confined Two Dimensional Associated Lattice gas
Elizane Efigenia de Moraes – UFRGS/Brazil – Parametrization of Intermolecular Force Fields Derived from DFT Calculations: Parametrization of the Field Force of Aromatic Molecules
José Rafael Bordin – UFPel/Brazil – A DPD model for cell migration in a polymeric environment
Thiago Puccinelli Orlandi Nogueira – UFPel/Brazil – Modelling Tracer’ Diffusion in Complex Polymer Solutions
João Scaini – FURG/Brazil – An atomistic MD model for a Mycobacterium tuberculosis membrane.
Poster Presentations
Paulo Castro Cardoso da Rosa – Unipampa/Brazil – “New materials based on carbon nanostructures and metallic nanoparticles for sustainable applications: Nanotoxicity evaluation”
Mayara Bitencourt Leão – Unipampa/Brazil – “Synthesis and characterization of carbon-based nanofilters for application as adsorbents of endocrine interferer in aqueous systems”
Elisa Garcia Pereira – UFRGS/Brazil  – “DNA visualization through AFM”
Grasiele Romanzini Bezerra – UFRGS/Brazil – “Geographic and Gender Diversity in the Brazilian Academy of Sciences”
Caroline Schmechel – UFPel/Brazil – “Nanostructured alumina surfaces with high water repellency”
Rafael Otto Coelho – UFPel/Brazil – “RPM electrolyte model with competition”
Tiago Braga – UFPel/Brazil – “Adsorption of surfactants in surfaces”
Marco Henrique Schwade & Antonio Marcos Habitzreuter – UFRGS/Brazil – “Structural and Diffusive Aspects of Water in DNA Grooves”


Edition X (2019): 48 participants, including 18 oral and 9 poster presentations.




Prof. Francesco Piazza – Université d’Orléans (France)
“Non-equilibrium effects in life sciences and nano-biotechnology”

Prof. Horacio Corti – Universidad de Buenos Aires (Argentina)
“Transport and glass transition of ionic aqueous solutions confined in mesoporous silica and water-in-salt electrolytes”

Prof. Marcia Barbosa – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“Alcohol in Water”

Prof. Solange Binotto Fagan – Universidade Franciscana (Brazil)
“Nanostrategies for endocrine disruptors removal”

Prof. Maurice de Koning – Universidade Estadual de Campinas (Brazil)
“Glassy dynamics at pre-melted grain boundaries in ice Ih.”

Dr. Exequiel Barrera – Institut Pasteur de Montevideo (Uruguay)
“A coarse graining approach to Gliadin p31-43 peptide aggregation”

Prof. Carolina de Matos Jauris – Universidade Federal do Pampa (Brazil)
Hierarchical structures of reduced graphene oxide for water purification”

Prof. Mateus Khöler – Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)
“Water transport in (carbon, oxides, dichalcogenides) nanotubes: what have we learned?”

Prof. Thiago de Lima Burgo – Universidade Federal de Santa Maria (Brazil)
“Electrical properties of water at hydrophobic interfaces: the central tole of OH0 ions in materials electrization”

Prof. José Rafael Bordin – Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Brazil)
“How adhesiveness modulates cell morphology and migration in dense fibrous networks”

Prof. Cilaine Veronica Teixeira – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“Structural changes in the insdustrially used block copolymer Diol near the cloud point”

Bel. João Abal – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“A molecular dynamics analysis of water desalination with a MoS2 nanoporous membrane.”

MSc. Bruno Mendonça – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“Confined water dynamics in carbon nanotubes with different degrees of deformation”

MSc. Tassyla Fonseca – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“Dewetting in associating lattice gas model confined by hydrophobic walls.”

MSc. Eduardo Rizatti – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (Brazil)
“Waterlike anomalies in Ultracold Atoms”

MSc. João Scaini – Universidade Federal do Rio Grande (Brazil)
“All-atom Molecular Dynamics model for mycobacterial plasma membrane”

Bel. Thiago Puccinelli – Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Brazil)
“Competition effects in dynamics and structure of tracer’s confined in polymer solutions”

Bel. Fabio Riemke – Universidade Federal de Pelotas (Brazil)
Remediation of textile wastewater employing semiconductive nanoparticles


Pôster Session:

Marco Antônio Habitzreuter (UFRGS) – “Diagrama de fase de uma mistura Lennard-Jonnes com interação repulsiva entre solvente e soluto”

Marcelo Henrique Schwade (UFRGS) – “Análise de propriedades de misturas binárias de t-butanol e água por espalhamento de raio X a baixo ângulo (SAXS)“

Carolina Cardoso (UFPel) – “Filmes Finos Condutores de Grafeno”

Marcos Alexandre Nolasco (UFPel) – “WAT4-R: making the WAT4 water model harder”

Mayara Leão (UNIPAMPA) – “3D reduced graphene oxide structures for dye removal from water”

Gabriele Züge (UNIPAMPA) – TBA

Gabriela Macedo (UNIPAMPA) – TBA

Rodrigo Dillenbung (UFRGS) – “Molecular Dynamics Simulation of the LJ Fluid”

Jessica Gonçalvez (UFRGS) – TBA

Edition XI (2020): Online Workshop due Covid. 48 participants, including 18 oral and 9 poster presentations.


Alexandre Furlan — Order-disorder transition in a two-dimensional associating lattice gas
Ana Regina Bezerra — Mulheres na Ciência: trajetória científica das bolsistas de Produtividade em Pesquisa do CNPq das áreas de Física e Enfermagem de 2005 a 2020
Barbara Neves Alencar — Open access publications with APC: the Brazilian scenario
Elizane Moraes — Development of a Flexible Force Field for Carbon Dioxide
Carolina Ferreira de Matos Jauris — Multifunctional graphene-based macrostructures with metallic nanoparticles
Cilâine Verônica Teixeira — Digging the structure of Quillaja Saponin in aqueous solution
Cristina Gavazzoni — Modeling oil-water separation with controlled wetting properties
Davi Lazzari — Wettability on Disordered Rough Surfaces
Débora Piégas Pavani — Difusão de proteínas cilíndricas em bicamadas lipídicas
Guilherme Henrique Trindade da Silva — Análise do fluxo vs. difusão em uma tubulação com obstáculos
Ingrid Carolina Ibagon Pardo — Phase diagram of the two-dimensional symmetric associating lattice gas
Ingrid de Almeida Ribeiro — Non-newtonian flow effects in supercooled water
James Moraes de Almeida — Confinement and hydrophilicity effects on geologically relevant fluids in silica nanopores

João Pedro Kleinubing Abal — Water permeability in MoS2 nanopores: when size, shape, and charge matter.

Jozismar Rodrigues Alves — Modelo de Bell-Lavis: vantagens da simulação no ensemble canônico

Luciano Abriata — MoleculARweb: A Website for Chemistry and Structural Biology Education Through Interactive Augmented Reality out of the Box in Commodity Devices
Marcelo Henrique Schwade — Structural analysis in mixtures of water and tert-butanol by X-ray scattering at low angle (SAXS)
Mateus H. Khöler — Surface effects on water properties
Mayara Bitencourt Leão — Graphene-based 3D materials for efficient water purification
Murilo Sodré Marques — Competing interactions and criticality in water-alcohol mixtures.
Raul Fuentes — CO2, new force field
Roberta Peixoto Arêas da Silva — Mulheres na Ciência
Rodrigo Fedrizzi Dillenburg — Water Desalination through Multilayer Nanoporous MoS2
Tássylla Oliveira Fonseca — Phase Diagram of the Confined Associating Lattice Gas
Vera Bohomoletz Henriques — Surface tension and lattice models
Vinicius Fonseca Hernandes — Neural network approach for phase prediction of supercooled water and water/alcohol mixtures
Igor Morais Telles (UFRGS) — Effects of surfaces polarization on electroosmotic flow
Marco Antônio Habitzreuter (UFRGS) — One dimensional water-alcohol mixture
Marcos Nolasco (UFPel) — Self-assembly of Copolymers
Mariana Zancan Tonel (UFN) — Comparative study of the interaction of water with graphene and molybdenum disulfide: a study of first principles
Vinicius Piccoli (UFRGS) — Common-ion and multiple electrolytes effects on the protein solvation by ionic liquids
Ana Caroline de Jesus (UFRGS)
Ander Francisco Pereira (UNICAMP)
Carolina Müller Cardoso (UFPel)
chiara valsecchi (UFRGS)
Felipe Lohmann (UFRGS)
Fernanda Rodrigues Leivas (UFRGS)
Gustavo Zottis Girotto (UFRGS)
Jefferson Santana Martin Santana (UFRGS)
Karina dos Santos Machado (FURG)
Laura Maisa Souza dos Santos (UFAL)
Leandro Barros da Silva (UFSM)
Luis Carlos Latoski (UFRGS)
Paulo Augusto Netz (UFRGS)
Thierre Francisco da Conceição (UFRGS)
Tiago Ferreira Lourenço (USP)
Vagner Alexandre Rigo (UFTPR)

Edition XI (2021): Online Workshop due Covid. 48 participants, including 18 oral and 9 poster presentations.

Oral Presentations

Thursday Name Title
14h Minerva Valencia (UNAM/México) CO2 capture using Na-Y siliceous type zeolite modified with SDS.
14h20min Fernanda Rodrigues Leivas (UFRGS) Investigation of Water Harvesting System by absorption/desorption method in hydrophilic/phobic materials
15h Guilherme H. T. da Silva (UFRGS) Análise do fluxo vs. difusão em uma tubulação com obstáculos
15h20min Jefferson Santana Martins (UFRGS) Inverse Problems and Water Models.
15h40min Coffee Break Coffee Break
16h20min Rogelma M. da S. Ferreira (UFRB) Anomalous cooling in systems with memory.
16h40min Francisco A. P. Alves Júnior (UNIVASF) Under a scalar field theory for liquids, a review
17h Jhordan Silveira de Borba (UFRGS) Three-species ecosystem in Argentine Patagonia
17h20min BÁRBARA NEVES ALENCAR (UFRGS) Open Access Publications with Article Processing Charge (APC) Payment: a Brazilian Scenario Analysis
17h40min Poster session
Friday Name Title
14h20min Ana Regina Gomes Bezerra (UFRGS) Brazilian research productivity fellows in physics and nursing under the lens of gender: 16 years of data
14h40min Cinaline Teixeira (UFRGS) Structural characterization of water/tert-butanol mixtures by Small-Angle X-ray scattering
15h Marco Antônio Habitzreuter (UFRGS) Estudo de anomalias termodinâmicas em misturas água-álcool
15h20min Murilo Sodré Marques (UFOB) Core-softened water – alcohol mixtures: the solute-size effects
15h40min Coffee Break Coffee Break
16h20min Carolina de Matos Jauris (UNIPAMPA) TBA
16h40min Patrick Ruam Bredow Cortes (UFSM) Water Transport and Purification Through Two-Dimensional Nanomembraness.
17h Valdemir Ludwig (UFJF) Experimental and Theoretical Study of Graphene Oxide in Water Solvent
17h20min Rodrigo Fedrizzi Dillenburg (UFRGS) Role of Liquid charges on Ion selectivity of MoS2 Nanopores
17h40min Elvis do A. Soares (UFRJ) Real Ionic Solutions in the Functionalized Mean Spherical Approximation: a density functional theory for electrolyte solutions


Poster Session

Vitória Tesser Henkes and Camila Raupp da Luz (UFRGS) Thermodynamics Anomalies of water-alcohol solutions
Ana Caroline de Jesus (UFRGS) MD e População: uma tentativa de reproduzir a disseminação da COVID -19 utilizando simulações de Dinâmica Molecular

Edition XIII (2020): UFSM. 57 participants, including 19 oral and 13 poster presentations.


Nome Título
Alexandre V. Ilha (UFPel) Melting Scenario of 2D Coloids
Alexsandro Kirch (USP) Aspectos dinâmicos e estruturais da interface sólido/fluido acessados via modelagem molecular
Caetano Miranda (USP) À confirmar
Carolina Jauris (UNIPAMPA) A complexidade da água ruça e nanomateriais sustentáveis.
Cilâine V. Teixeira (UFRGS) Structural characterization of water- tert-butanol mixtures by Small-angle x-xray scattering
Jefferson Santana Martins (UFRGS) “Parametrização de Modelos da Água e Problemas Inversos”
José Rafael Bordin (UFPel) To glue or not to glue: diffusion vs adhesion in biological systems
Leandro B. Krott (UFSC) High pressure waterlike anomalies in confined systems
Luana S. Moreira (UFSM) Modeling water transport properties in carbon nanotubes: Interplay between force-field flexibility and geometrical parameters
Luciana R. de Oliveira (UFSM) Exploring focal adhesion data: dynamic parameter extraction from FRAP and FLAP experiments using Chemical Master Equation
Marcia Barbosa (UFRGS) Captação de água via nanocones hidrológicos
Marco Habitzreuter (UFRGS) Waterlike anomalies in the BEC-BCS Crossover
Mariana Zancan Tonel (UFN) Influence of the Incorporation of Magnetite to Chitosan on the Adsorption of Methotrexate: A First-Principles Study
Mateus Köhler (UFSM) Perspectives on Nanoconfined Water
Mayara B. Leão (Unipampa) Eco-friendly graphene-based hydrogels applied efficiently in the removal of phosphate from water
Patrick Côrtes (UFPel) Water Purification Through Bidimensional Nanomembranes
Rafael Rossato (UFSM) Hydrophobic study on rough surfaces
Thiago P. Nogueira (UFPel) Patterns in 2D core-softened systems: From sphere to dumbbell colloids
Tulio Grison (UFSM) Computational Study on the Adsorption of Ions at Hydrophobic Surfaces



Nome Título
Camila Raupp da Luz (UFRGS) Thermodynamic Anomalies in Water-Terc-Butanol Mixtures
Gabriele Züge (Unipampa) Síntese de Hidrogel Superabsorvente com Diferentes Agentes Reticulantes Biodegradáveis para Liberação Lenta de Água na Agricultura
Gabrieli Konze dos Santos (Unipampa) Identificação da contaminação por fármacos: cloridrato de fluoxetina e losartana potássica em corpos hídricos da cidade de Caçapava do Sul, RS.
Giovana Uberti Barbosa (Unioamoa) Desenvolvimento de hidrogel nanocompósito baseado em nanocelulose sustentável e óxido de grafeno para liberação lenta de fertilizantes e absorção de água
João Renner (UFRGS) Entendendo a estrutura dos nossos cabelos a partir do espalhamento de raios X
Júlia Vaz Schultz (UFN) Estudo teórico de interação entre compostos naturais como nanobiossensor da COVID-19
Lucas Avila Pinheiro (UFPel) Dióxido de Carbono: Um estudo sobre o modelo de simulação computacional EPM2
Maurick gomes Barcelos (UFSM) Estudo da Influência do Meio Solvente no Espectro Ótico da Clorina
Odinei Silva Garcia (Unipampa) Interação do Oxido de Grafeno com Metais em Diferentes Valências Utilizando Modelos Matemáticos e Espectroscopia de Fluorescência Molecular
Rafael Oliveira Terra (UFSM) Efeito solvatocrômico da porfirina em água
Rosiane Carneiro (UFPel) Dynamics of Mutant Cells
Vitória Tesser Henkes (UFRGS) Thermodynamic Anomalies in Water-Terc-Butanol Mixtures
Wanderson Souza Araújo (UFPel) Substratos baseados no grafeno para adsorção de glifosato: um estudo via DFT



Iago Francisco Mühl UFSM
Gabriel Fidencio Murillo
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Rafael da Cunha Meireles
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Edileuza Pinto Teixeira
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria – UFSM
Brenda Bopp Baptista UFSM
Gabriell Brum Dolejal UFSM
Ezequiel Lorenzett
Federal University of Santa Maria
Rene Quispe Rodriguez
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Davi Felipe Kray Silva UFPEL
Milena Costa Guidotti
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Laura Fernanda Osmari Vendrame UFRGS
Ana Caroline de Jesus
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Ana Caroline de Jesus
Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul
Vitor Vaz Schultz
Universidade federal de Santa Maria
Douglas Vargas UFSM
Alexsandra Pereira dos Santos
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Max Mutz Dos santos student
Luiz Felipe Kremer UFSM
Natan Mendes Casero
Universidade Federal de Pelotas
Leandro Barros da Silva UFSM
Pietro Felipe Dias
Universidade Federal de Santa Maria
Pedro Henrique de Brito Canabarro UFSM
Vinícius do Nascimento da Rocha UFSM
Ezequiel Lorenzett UFSM
Eduardo Puchale Nunes CTISM