Previous Editions

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Edition IX: 41 participants, including 19 oral presentations and 8 poster presentations

Oral Presentations

Ali Hassanali – ICTP/Italy
Alex Antonelli – Unicamp/Brazil – Polyamorphism in tetrahedral substances: Similarities between silicon and water
Marcia C. Barbosa – UFRGS/Brazil – Water and methanol mixtures
Mario Lucio Moreira – UFPel/Brazil
Mateus Kohler – UFSM/Brazil  – Water transport through MoS2 nanopores: The impact of surface heterogeneity
Carolina Ferreira de Matos Jauris – Unipampa/Brazil – New nanocarbon-based materials for sustainable applications: Synthesis, characterization and nanotoxicity
Robson Oliboni – UFPel/Brazil – Development of methods for Theoretical Studies of Molecular Systems Dynamics
Bruno Henrique da Silva e Mendonça – UFRGS/Brazil –Diffusion behavior of water confined in deformed carbon nanotubes
João Pedro Kleinubing Abal – UFRGS/Brazil-Study of the Efficiency of Nanostructures for Water Dessalination
Maike Antonio Faustino dos Santos – UFRGS/Brazil –Dynamic aspects of water in grooves of DNA
Mariana Zancan Tonel – UFRGS/Brazil –Comparative ab initio study of different functional for the benzene-benzene system
Murilo Sodré Marques – UFRGS/Brazil – Phase Diagram of Colloidal Suspensions – A Coarse Grained Model
Eduardo Osório Rizzatti – UFRGS/Brazil – Density Anomaly in Optically Trapped Quantum Gases
Tássylla Oliveira Fonseca – UFRGS/Brazil – Phase Diagram of Confined Two Dimensional Associated Lattice gas
Elizane Efigenia de Moraes – UFRGS/Brazil – Parametrization of Intermolecular Force Fields Derived from DFT Calculations: Parametrization of the Field Force of Aromatic Molecules
José Rafael Bordin – UFPel/Brazil – A DPD model for cell migration in a polymeric environment
Thiago Puccinelli Orlandi Nogueira – UFPel/Brazil – Modelling Tracer’ Diffusion in Complex Polymer Solutions
João Scaini – FURG/Brazil – An atomistic MD model for a Mycobacterium tuberculosis membrane.
Poster Presentations
Paulo Castro Cardoso da Rosa – Unipampa/Brazil – “New materials based on carbon nanostructures and metallic nanoparticles for sustainable applications: Nanotoxicity evaluation”
Mayara Bitencourt Leão – Unipampa/Brazil – “Synthesis and characterization of carbon-based nanofilters for application as adsorbents of endocrine interferer in aqueous systems”
Elisa Garcia Pereira – UFRGS/Brazil  – “DNA visualization through AFM”
Grasiele Romanzini Bezerra – UFRGS/Brazil – “Geographic and Gender Diversity in the Brazilian Academy of Sciences”
Caroline Schmechel – UFPel/Brazil – “Nanostructured alumina surfaces with high water repellency”
Rafael Otto Coelho – UFPel/Brazil – “RPM electrolyte model with competition”
Tiago Braga – UFPel/Brazil – “Adsorption of surfactants in surfaces”
Marco Henrique Schwade & Antonio Marcos Habitzreuter – UFRGS/Brazil – “Structural and Diffusive Aspects of Water in DNA Grooves”