Artigo publicado na Food Microbiology: “Staphylococcus aureus isolated from handmade sweets: Biofilm formation, enterotoxigenicity and antimicrobial resistance”

Autores: Isabela Schneid Kroning, Mariana Almeida Iglesias, Carla Pohl Sehn, Tatiane Kuka Valente Gandra, Marcia Magalhães Mata, Wladimir Padilha da Silva.

Download PDF: Isabela Schneid Kroning, et al. 2016



Artigo publicado na Meat Science: “Influence of cutting and deboning operations on the microbiological quality and shelf life of buffalo meat”.

Autores: F.L.S. Voloski , L. Tonello, T. Ramires, G.G. Reta, C. Dewes, M. Iglesias, R.G. Mondadori , E.A. Gandra d, W.P. da Silva, E.H. Duval

Download PDF: Artigo Voloski_et_al-2016



Artigo publicado na Letters in Applied Microbiology: “Listeria monocytogenes isolates from food and food environment harbouring tetM and ermB resistance genes”

Autores: L. Haubert, M. Mendonca, G.V. Lopes, M.R. de Itapema Cardoso, W.P. da Silva

Download PDF: Haubert_et_al-2016-Letters_in_Applied_Microbiology