Health Organization Healthy Cities Centres around the World

Now a bit more about other Centres of Healthy Cities:

1. The World Health Organization Healthy Cities project was launched in 1978. Its ambition is to promote health and well-being through action at the level of individual local authorities. The network of connected cities has grown over the years. There are more than 2000 municipalities linked through national Healthy City networks in Europe – with similar networks across all the regions of the globe.

2. The WHO Collaborating Centre for Healthy Urban Environments at UWE Bristol promotes healthy and sustainable settlements through research, teaching, consultancy, knowledge exchange and publications. They work closely with municipalities, planning consultancies and health authorities in the UK, as well as with the wider WHO European Healthy Cities network.

3. Center for Global Healthy Cities: Action Research & Partnerships For Greater Equity & Health Justice for People Living in Cities Worldwide. The Center for Global Healthy Cities is an action-oriented, community-engaged initiative that utilizes science and policy analysis to improve the lives and living conditions of the most vulnerable urban populations around the world. It accomplishes this through cross-cutting research, training, and community partnerships.