Without the public funding this research would be impossible.

We employ Molecular Modeling to answer questions in the frontier of Physics, Chemistry and Biology. Research interests includes (but are not limited to):

  • Water, it’s anomalies and unique behavior;
  • Nanofluidics;
  • Polymorphic and polyamorphic substances and materials;
  • Nanomaterials: assembly and applications;
  • Physics of Cancer;
  • Diffusion in biological systems;
  • Colloids and Nanoparticles;
  • Complex fluids.

    Current Collaborations:

  • Prof. Carolina F. de Matos (UNIPAMPA/Brazil)
  • Prof. Marcia Barbosa (UFRGS/Brazil)
  • Prof. Mateus Köhler (UFSM/Brazil)
  • Prof. Dinalva Aires de Sales (FURG/Brazil)
  • Prof. Francesco Piazza (Univ. Orleans/France)
  • Prof. Rui Travasso (Univ. Coimbra/Portugal)
  • Dr. Mauricio Moreira-Soares (Univ. Oslo/Norway)
  • Prof. Murilo Sodré Marques (UFOB/Brazil)
  • Prof. Alexandre Bonatto (UFCSPA/Brazil)
  • Prof. Leandro B. Krott (UFSC/Brazil)
  • Prof. Elizane E. Moraes (UFBA/Brazil)
Grants by:

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