Research Details

Without the public funding this research would be impossible.

We employ Molecular Modeling to answer questions in the frontier of Physics, Chemistry and Biology.

  • How is the diffusion process in crowded environments? How cells diffuses inside our body? We research the transport in complex media to understand basic biological process, as the movement of cells and inside the cells.
  • How water and gases behaves under confinement? And how can we use it for water and air decontamination? We employ computer simulations to understand the basic science in this proccess and to help to create new technologies based in nanoscience.
  •  How can we use Molecular Legos to create controlled self-assembled structures? We look for the design of new materials using chemical building blocks as colloids, nanoparticles, surfactants, polymers and lipids.


Current Collaborations:

  • Prof. Carolina F. de Matos (UNIPAMPA/Brazil)
  • Prof. Marcia Barbosa (UFRGS/Brazil)
  • Prof. Mateus Köhler (UFSM/Brazil)
  • Prof. Dinalva Aires de Sales (FURG/Brazil)
  • Prof. Francesco Piazza (Univ. Orleans/France)
  • Prof. Rui Travasso (Univ. Coimbra/Portugal)
  • Dr. Mauricio Moreira-Soares (Univ. Oslo/Norway)
  • Prof. Murilo Sodré Marques (UFOB/Brazil)
  • Prof. Alexandre Bonatto (UFCSPA/Brazil)
  • Prof. Leandro B. Krott (UFSC/Brazil)
  • Prof. Elizane E. Moraes (UFBA/Brazil)


Research Projects as Coordinator:

  • 2019-2021 – Difusão e estruturação em sistemas nano e micrométricos: uma abordagem computacional . Edital Universal 2018. Grant: R$ 8.000,00
  • 2017 – 2020 – ESTUDO COMPUTACIONAL DE NANOPARTÍCULAS E MOLÉCULAS AUTOMONTANTES. Edital PqG/Fapergs 2017. Grant: R$ 25.714,00
  • 2015-2017 – Propriedades dinâmicas, estruturais e termodinâmicas de fluidos anômalos nanoconfinados. Edital Universal 2014. Grant: R$ 15.000,00

Grants by:

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