About the Program

The Animal Biodiversity Graduate Program (PPGBDiv) at the Federal University of Pelotas (UFPEL), established in 2022 through the merger of the Animal Biology and Entomology programs, aims to train professionals capable of researching and teaching about animal biodiversity. This contributes to understanding and conserving fauna, particularly in the Pampa Biome, and promoting sustainable regional development. With a rating of 4 in the 2021 CAPES Quadrennial evaluation, the program offers mandatory courses such as Seminars I, Seminars II, Metazoan Diversity, and Applied Ecology Fundamentals, alongside 27 elective courses.

Its objectives include a deeper study of animal biodiversity in Brazil, focusing on underrepresented groups like insects to aid in conserving and managing species detrimental to agriculture. Furthermore, it aims to disseminate scientific knowledge through extension projects and foster international exchanges for biodiversity studies, particularly in neighboring countries to Brazil.

The program is divided into two research lines: “Diversity and Evolution,” encompassing studies on animal diversity, evolution, and interactions; and “Management and Conservation,” focused on conserving natural resources and controlling pests, especially arthropods. This includes Integrated Pest Management and technological aspects of insect resistance to insecticides.

The Diversity and Evolution research line has 11 supervisors available, while the Management and Conservation research line has 7 supervisors.



Program Name: ANIMAL BIODIVERSITY (42003016053P8)


Associated Course: MASTER’S DEGREE


CAPES Evaluation Score – 2017-2020 Quadrennial: 4