Internal Regulations



Article 1 The Laboratory for the Study of Ancient Ceramics , identified by the acronym LECA , is a permanent extension project of the Institute for Human Sciences, Federal University of Pelotas ( ICH / UFPel ) approved by the Coordinating Council for Education Research and Extension ( COCEPE ), recorded in 2011 in the Dean of Extension and Culture ( PREC ) Division of Planning and Technical Support ( DIPLAN ) , originally under the number .

Article 2 The LECA is located in its own room on the ground floor of the building of the former School of Fine Arts , the street Marechal Floriano , no. 179 , center of Pelotas , RS , Brazil . The LECA still has a low virtual address worldwide through international computer network , namely .

Article 3 The ACLE basically covers the area of ​​archeology and its object of study ancient ceramic material through approaches to study distinct and complementary , for example , stylistic , formal , technical , typological and iconographic . ” Ancient” ceramic material is understood here primarily as objects in various types of supports made ​​of ceramic material culture , such as vases , statues , mosaics , tombstones , plaques, seals , terracotta figurines , among other contexts and from Mediterranean and middle – eastern, mostly of Greek archaeological sites during different periods featuring its ancient history , that is , from the proto -history to the Hellenistic period .

Single paragraph. The term ” ancient” is not necessarily restricted to studies of Greek material dating between the proto – history and the Hellenistic period , but can also be applied to periods and newer contexts . This study approach depends crucially on the different proposals for research projects that will be developed ceramic material by ACLE .

Article 4 In order to deepen and complement the studies on the ceramic material , the ACLE also operates from a perspective that integrates interdisciplinary research in several related areas of archeology , including Anthropology , Petrography , Zooarchaeology , Ethnography , Bioarchaeology , among others, and may compared to contemplate , or through the appropriation of methods of analysis and interpretation , archaeological contexts and diverse periods , such as ceramic artifacts from prehistoric , historic and Mesoamerican Brazilian archaeological sites .

Article 5 The LECA is configured as a core of studies and supporting research and other scholarly activities of teaching and extension , as support for the training of researchers at various levels , in order to promote the development , deepening in Brazil and dissemination of knowledge concerning the analysis of the ceramic material .

Single paragraph. This Regulation is subject to rules adopted by COCEPE / UFPel , Standardization of the Dean of Extension and Culture and the General Rules of the Dean of Research and Graduate UFPel .


While Article 6 core studies and research support , and support center for academic training, LECA aims :

I – offer support and scientific support , when requested , in accordance with the structure of LECA , the undergraduate and graduate programs UFPel in order to develop individual research projects in collaboration with national and international institutions , through projects of individual and collective research, such as monographs , projects Scientific Initiation , completion of course work in undergraduate , monographs Specialization , Master’s dissertations , PhD theses ;
II – to promote exchanges between researchers and students members of Brazilian and foreign institutions through research projects in cooperation ;
III – develop a database of the ceramic material studied from several lines of research and analysis approaches contemplated by the ACLE research projects , to disseminate documentary corpora for the development of future job prospects ;
IV – to promote scientific events in the country , such as seminars , conferences , symposia and meetings that include the participation of researchers and students .
V – offer courses and short courses, seminars and conferences organized independently by ACLE or even when requested , along administered to undergraduate and postgraduate UFPel ;
VI – promote the dissemination of documentation and sources of ceramic material for researchers and practitioners from academia at various levels ( primary, secondary and university ) by producing paradicdatic material, the publication of research results developed by ACLE and offering courses and lectures ;
VII – spread the knowledge produced by ACLE through the production of articles , scientific papers and textbooks ( free translations and summaries of the texts discussed in the meetings of the study groups and courses and short courses ) , collections of meetings and events , books , audiovisual material , and para material.

Sole Paragraph To carry out such in Article sixth with LECA can develop actions in the form of courses , events , Provision of Services , Publications and other academic products , how they are defined COCEPE / UFPel .


Article 8 The basic structure of the Laboratory of Studies on Ancient Ceramics ( ACLE ) comprises members divided into four basic categories : ( 1 ) faculty researchers , linked to UFPel , (2 ) Research Associates , (3 ) students , and ( 4 ) employees, corresponding to the teachers and researchers of domestic and foreign institutions , research projects associated with the LECA .

Article 9 The coordination is formed by a team of engineers who make up the Board of LECA and consists of a coordinator ( teacher UFPel ) , coordinators ( teachers UFPel ) and coordinators / research associates . The original team of engineers consists of a total of four PhD researchers in Classical Archaeology , founders of LECA , being a responsible engineer, teacher UFPel , appointed by agreement between the four founding engineers , engineer, teacher UFPel , and two coordinators / researchers associated .

Article 10 The term of office of coordinator lasts two years with no renewal of the position limits for the exercise of the functions of coordinator , coordinators and coordinators / research associates , provided that the appointment is approved at the business meeting of the Board of LECA .

Article 11 The term of 2 years of the coordinator can be discontinued if the decision is approved by a simple majority of the coordinators , while administrative staff of monthly meetings .

Article 12 The coordinator should be teaching the Federal University of Pelotas and therefore assume the administrative responsibilities of the resolutions and decisions adopted jointly by the team of coordinators before the UFPel .

Article 13 All decisions regarding the LECA and its members are taken from the determination jointly by the College of LECA , with the approval of a simple majority in administrative meetings held at intervals and dates established by the Board.

Article 14 The coordinators and coordinators / research associates may indicate students, teachers and / or researchers UFPel or from other Brazilian universities to participate in the LECA , appearing in one of four ( 4 ) categories set out in Article 8 of this regiment. The nominees shall be elected at business meetings of the Board of LECA .

Article 15 When coordinator , coordinators , and engineers / researchers associated fits the active participation in the activities of LECA , are related to research, training and academic decisions after deliberation and approval at the regular business meetings of the Board of LECA .

First Paragraph . Periodic meetings of the Administrative Board of the LECA can be of two types : 1 ) face meetings , including virtual meetings , ie , through Internet communication , such as Skype and 2 ) determination of issues on the agenda by exchange of messages by electronic mail, ie , via email , between coordinators . Decisions taken from email messages and / or virtual meetings follow the same principles and have the same validity in relation to classroom management meetings .

Second paragraph – Decisions , as well as setting the agenda , taken by members of the Board by means of electronic messages (emails ) in the period between regular board meetings shall be ratified as the first item of the agenda of the first meeting to be held after these deliberations .

Paragraph Three – The official record of administrative meetings as secretary of the Board members or others appointed by the team of engineers, will include in the minutes to be signed by the members of the Board and printed on the letterhead of LECA / UFPel .

Paragraph Four . In case of a tie it will be the coordinator making the final decision through the ” casting vote ” .

Article 16 The regular business meetings of the Board of LECA are aimed at the resolution of issues relating to members , the workspace and activities proposed by ACLE , which can be specified as follows :
a) select the coordinator for the period of the next term of 2 years;
b ) inclusion of new coordinators / research associates ;
c ) include or exclude students States;
d ) inclusion or exclusion of collaborating researchers ;
e) proposition and development of research projects ;
f ) meetings of the study group ;
g ) proposal and management courses and short courses ;
h ) participation and promotion of events , lectures , seminars , conferences;
i ) production of scientific materials , publications and articles , compilations and books ;
j ) production paradicdatic material.

Article 17 The agendas of board meetings shall be passed by a simple majority of the members of the Board.

Article 18 Each coordinator , the coordinator is responsible , are engineers or engineers / research associates , has the same weight in decisions relating to the LECA , and should ensure the coexistence and the collective spirit featuring the Lab . It is up to each coordinator not only act in respect to collective decisions , how to share with all other members of the team coordinators issues , initiatives and decisions that directly or indirectly interfering in the operation of the Laboratory .

Single paragraph. In the absence of the engineer responsible for professional and / or personal reasons remoteness , other coordinators have full powers to assume the responsibilities and perform the activities of LECA in accordance with previously established and approved at the regular board meetings schedule .

Article 19 Staff members of students consists of undergraduate and graduate , and graduates . Its membership is open to students linked to other universities . The students that make up the LECA can act in the laboratory by hand in the form of scientific and / or academic nature scholarship , sponsored by the university , development agencies or similar institutions , or as volunteers .

The students Art. 20 members are not fixed and are selected by the team of engineers after statement, deliberation and approval at the regular business meetings of the Board.

Sole Paragraph – The participation of students in courses , study groups and other activities promoted by ACLE not set their status as student member of the laboratory .

Article 21 Each student member must meet a minimum course load of four (4 ) hours per week of activities dedicated to LECA .

Article 22 The binding activities of learners dedicated to LECA members may comprise , among other activities recognized by the Board :
a) reading of references given by the coordinators ;
b ) participation in the meetings of the study group ;
c ) attendance at courses and short courses offered and taught by ACLE or other courses given by the coordinators ;
d ) Work on collective research projects , such as development of database and analysis of material.

Article 23 Each student member of LECA are encouraged and guided to develop an individual research activity comprising subjects and objects of research in theoretical and methodological approaches and the ceramic material incorporated by ACLE lines , aiming at the production of papers , projects Scientific Initiation , Masters dissertations and PhD theses .

Article 24 A team of collaborating researchers of lecturers and researchers affiliated with Brazilian and foreign institutions operating in various ways in the development of projects for individual and / or collective , led by members of LECA research, and / or in other activities sponsored by ACLE .

Art. 25 employees researchers will have access to LECA respecting the rules of internal operation. Contributing researcher should , in their papers and publications resulting from this work, refer to the institutional support of research LECA .

Article 26 The inclusion and exclusion of collaborating researchers must be discussed and approved by the Board of LECA .

Article 27 The collaborating researchers must devote to specific project activities conducted by ACLE , whether individual projects are activities related to cooperation projects between the LECA and Brazilian or foreign institutions . Such activities are established between the members of these projects at the time of the agreement between the institutions .

Article 28 Employees researchers can participate in and promote activities of LECA , such as courses and short courses, lectures and conferences .

Art. 29 Effective participation in projects and activities ACLE does not provide for the members involved, whether students or members collaborating researchers , any form of relationship with the Federal University of Pelotas , whether academic or administrative .

The students Art. 30 members who serve on the framework of undergraduate and graduate UFPel after signing the Declaration of Commitment , will be constantly evaluated with regard to their academic performance , availability , commitment, responsibility , competence and interest, which will be taken into account for its maintenance team and the indication for scholarships .

Article 31 Employees researchers sign a Statement of Commitment regarding compliance with the bylaws and rules of LECA , as a condition for acceptance and maintenance team members in the LECA , and which will contain your work plan and timeline search .


Article 32 further lines of study may be created , research and extension , according to the possibilities of the institution and the availability of members of LECA .

Article 33 Specific rules governing the activities of LECA , and will be made ​​official by official documents approved at the administrative meeting , shall be in accordance with the present Bylaws .

Art. 34 The general rules that govern the operation of LECA not contained in these Rules will be as set out in Resolution 10 /2006 COCEPE / UFPel .

Article 35 The cases shall be resolved by the coordinators of LECA team in conjunction with the direction of the Institute of Human Sciences .

Article 36 The inception of the Regiment will coincide with the start of the biennial term of coordinator .

Art. 37 These Regulations shall enter into force after its approval by the Departmental Council of the Institute of Humanities UFPel .