The GODeC (Global Observatory for Dental Care) is an initiative from a group of researchers concerned with the synthesis and dissemination of knowledge in Dentistry. One of the main objectives of GODeC is to develop, disseminate and provide free access to evidence-based recommendations to promote the best treatment decisions to dentists, through giving access to practice-based tools in Dentistry, such as clinical practice guidelines.

In this context, the group consists of methodologists and researchers with experience in several areas. One of the main lines of work is the development of clinical practice guidelines for dental practice within the scope of primary health care, a project developed in collaboration and with partial funding from the Ministry of Health.


The general objective of this project is to establish a Brazilian initiative, pioneer in Latin America, for the elaboration and dissemination of Protocols and Guidelines for Clinical Practice (Clinical Practice Guidelines), focusing on Oral Health, based on methodological rigor and with the use of internationally referenced assessment tools.