The BRIC at 20: An assessment of the economic grouping’s two decades of existence by Jim O’Neill

November 2021 will mark the 20th anniversary of the BRIC acronym that I coined to capture the economic potential of Brazil, Russia, India and China. Many commentators will be revisiting the concept and assessing each country’s performance since 2001, so here are my own thoughts on the matter

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[EXPERT OPINIONS]Let’s start from a premise that should be completely obvious from… by Giuseppe Gagliano

Let’s start from a premise that should be completely obvious from a strategic point of view: any maritime strategy, whether the English one – from the eighteenth century to the Second World War – or the American one, is necessarily a long-term strategy and therefore requires long-term investments by looking where it is possible to anticipate future challenges. Continue lendo

[Livro] Movimentos Antissistêmicos e Relações Internacionais

Charles Pennaforte, coordenador do LabGRIMA e do Grupo de Pesquisa CNPq Geopolítica e Mercosul (GeoMercosul) está lançando o seu livro com uma análise da realidade contemporâneas a partir das perspectivas teóricas de Immanuel Wallerstein (1930-2019) e Giovanni Arrighi (1937-2009).

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Canal LabGRIMA Spotify: A PEB do governo Bolsonaro: o isolamento se acentua

O LabGRIMA  preparou mais uma análise em uma versão podcast, para você que quer se manter atualizado sobre nossa política externa brasileira. Continue lendo

China’s Influence in Latin America in the Brazilian Case (2002-2018)

LabGRIMA researchers published an article in Vestnik RUDN. International Relations, one of the most important Russian journals on international relations.

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