Edição de sequências
Edição de sequências II
Identificação de NUMT´s
Meios de cultura para Drosophila
Molecular Cloning – A laboratory Manual (LIVRO Sambrook & Russell)
Protocolo de análise de dados – Barcode
Reagentes químicos
10x Genomics (DNA Extraction from Single Insects) site

Evidence for Ecological Speciation and Its Alternative Schluter (2009) Science 323(5915): 737-741. DOI: 10.1126/science.1160006
Blog Deriva Ecológica
Species Interactions, Ecological Networks and Community Dynamics Molecular Evolution (2019) 28 (2). Special issue.
Seven steps towards health and happiness in the lab Fernando T. Maestre. Nature (2018)
The genetics and Biology of Drosophila vol3b (LIVRO Ashburner et al 1982)
The genetics and Biology of Drosophila vol3d (LIVRO Ashburner et al 1982)
Drosophila: a guide to species identification and use (LIVRO Markow and O’Grady, 2006)
Morfologia, taxonomia e diversidade de Drosophila (Manual de aula prática VIIISEGED Schmitz, 2011)
Phylogeny of the Genus Drosophila (O’Grady and DeSalle (2018) Genetics, Vol. 209, 1–25)
Phylogenetic classification of the Drosophilidae Rondani (Diptera): the role of morphology in the postgenomic era (Yassin (2013) Systematic Entomology, 38, 349–364)
The 1-hour workday McDonnell J.J. (2016) Science 353(6300): 718
Why fly?
Ten simple rules for developing good reading habits during graduate school and beyond (Méndez, 2018. PLOS Computational Biology, 14(10): e1006467)
Apostila R
Manejo de resíduos sólidos – UFPEL
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