Logotipo DIVERGE abreviadissimo 100dpiAt the Cordeiro Lab we research the genetic, ecological, and evolutionary processes underlying the evolution of Neotropical species, emphasizing Drosophilidae and Drosophilidae-flower interactions. The projects developed in the laboratory aim to identify, analyze and understand the mechanisms that lead to the patterns of the genetic and ecological diversity of species in the Neotropics.

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E-mail: diverge.ufpel@gmail.com



Juliana Cordeiro, PhD. Associate professor

My projects are focused on the comprehension of ecological specialization evolution and the diversification of populations and species of Neotropical drosophilids. In this context, my research is related to understanding the genetic, ecological, and evolutionary processes that outline the evolution of species, emphasizing drosophilid-flower interactions. In this way, the projects involve analyzes of genetic diversity, ecological analyzes, DNA barcoding and metabarcoding, population genetics and molecular phylogeny, etc.

Contact: juliana.cordeiro@ufpel.edu.br


Hermes Schmitz (UNILA)
Jeferson Vizentin-Bugoni (University of Illinois-Urbana/Champaing)
Lizandra Robe (UFSM)
Maríndia Deprá (UFRGS)

Grad students:
Tuane Letícia Carvalho

Isabel Gomes Vieira
Júlia Costa de Moura
Martim Braulio Peres Silva

Allumni & Allumnae:
Angel Larroza
Daniele da Silva de Souza
Demétrius da Silva Martins
André Schultz Lopes
Henrique Ramos Angelo
João Henrique Figueredo de Oliveira
Maria das Graças Rodrigues Miller da Silva
Mariana Fabris Xavier
Mariana Semola Angonese
Nathalia Pereira Dias
Taís Madeira Ott