Main Publications

*** Updated May 6, 2024 ***

This page presents a list with my main publications. My curriculum vitae (in Portuguese) presents the complete list of my published works.

Published Thesis (in Portuguese):

Published Books:

Published Books Chapters:

  • AFONSO, V.; SALDANHA, M.; CONCEICAO, R.; PERLEBERG, M.; PORTO, M.; ZATT, B.; SUSIN, A.; AGOSTINI, L. Real-time architectures for 3D video coding. In: Maurizio Martina. (Org.). VLSI Architectures for Future Video Coding. 1ed.: Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2019, v. , p. 191-226.
  • CORREA, G.; ASSUNCAO, P.; AGOSTINI, L.; CRUZ, L. Computational Resource Management for Video Coding in Mobile Environments. In: Constandinos X. Mavromoustakis; Evangelos Pallis; George Mastorakis. (Org.). Modeling and Optimization in Science and Technologies. 1ed.Berlin: Springer International Publishing, 2014, v. 3, p. 515-549.

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