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Professional Master

Professional Master

The Professional Masters in Seeds course is aimed at the technical training of professionals linked to agricultural companies. It aims to train postgraduates, through the deepening of knowledge related to production techniques, post-harvest technology, research and planning and marketing strategies.

Our mission

Technical training, deepening and development in production techniques, quality control, postharvest technology, research and innovation in the area of ​​Seed Science and Technology.

Our vision

To remain a reference in the field of postgraduate stricto sensu professional in the area of ​​Seed Science and Technology in Latin America, expanding the insertion in other Americas.

Our values

1. Agriculture is the driving force of the country

2. Leadership with ethics, common sense and focus

3. Seeds is the main input of technology in agriculture.

4. Train high quality professionals based on research and innovation in the field.


It differs from the Academic Master, as it is offered in a concentrated regime of three 15-day periods, in which two subjects are taught per period. This dynamic of teaching facilitates the student’s temporary removal from his company, without prejudice to his professional activities. In addition to the disciplines, the student is also required to carry out a scientific technical work or case study (dissertation), which is developed with the company with which the student has ties. This work will be presented for defense before an examining board, being a requirement for obtaining the title of Master.