The Infusion Profiler, is a software developed in Python to generate operational profiles of gravitational and electromechanical intravenous drug delivery.

Infusion Profiler allows an agile construction of intravenous device operational profiles, allowing the generation of data sets capable of representing the behavior of these medical devices in a variety of scenarios. Infusion Profiler provides a wealth of information for future research on intravenous drug delivery, while avoiding the high time required for actual infusion measurements.

The input interface is presented in Figure 1 where the user must inform:

  1. The flow rate (60 mL/h in this example) 
  2. The infusion volume (100 ml in this example)

Figure 1 – Infusion Profiler input interface

With this information the software will generate the required intravenous infusion profiles for both, gravitational and electromechanical infusions.

Infusion Profiler output interface is presented in Figure 2 , where a gravitational and an electromechanical infusion profiles are presented considering the Figure 1 inputs.

Figure 2 – Infusion Profiler output graphic interface

The output profiles consider a sampling rate of one sample per second are also delivered in output csv files with one line for each sample, as presented in Figure 3 (a) and (b). These figures show the csv files with the data sets generated by the input of Figure 1 for gravitational and electromechanical infusions, respectively.



Figure 3 – Outupt csv files for (a) gravitational and (b) electromechanical infusions