The ViTech research activities involve the following main topics related to video and image coding considering the main codecs (HEVC, 3D-HEVC, MVC, JVET, Full JPEG, VP-10, H.264 and VP-9).

  • Complexity management for video coding systems: Optimization of video and image coding algorithms, new low complexity algorithms for image and video coding, parallelism exploration using GPUs and multi/many core systems. Use of artificial intelligence techniques to improve video coding efficiency
  • Network video transmission: Fast video transcoding algorithms (different video coding standards, quality, bit-rate, resolution).
  • Video quality assessment: Subjective and objective quality evaluation for 2D and 3D videos.
  • New video technology representation: 3D and 360 degrees videos, Light Fields, Point Clouds.
  • Embedded systems on chip for video coding: Energy/Temperature-aware solutions for video coding, computational load distribution in multicore systems.
  • Dedicated hardware design for video coding: Dedicated FPGA ans ASIC hardware designs for video coding, approximate arithmetic applied to video coding.