It is desirable that the teacher-student relationship be qualified, not only as a simple reproduction of information, but as an active process in which both are protagonists of the construction of knowledge, keeping the head open for the rapid changes that the digital world and the different profiles of the new generations of students. At the same time, these new masters must be able to participate in this process by being able to identify issues of relevance to research, qualified dental practice and mastery of the essential tools for the development of research activities. These new masters should have knowledge in the specific area and act as opinion makers, making them able to offer students the best in terms of techniques, materials and technology.


The proposal is to include what is projected for the master's degree by deepening research activities through disciplines focused on the discussion of methodologies that can be applied to the development of new projects and result in scientific-technological innovation and / or impact on the quality of services dentistry, as well as improvement of materials and techniques. It is hoped that trained doctors will have the ability and competence to nucleate themselves in research centers, universities or companies in Brazil or abroad, forming new research groups and developing leading activities in the production of knowledge and human resources training. The program encourages the idea that good heads are more important than specific domains of analytical techniques, for example, by trying to keep the egress open to developing new fronts of action at their places of future fixation.