Edinalvo Rabioli Camargo

Professor Adjunto/Coordenador Adjunto do PPGFs

E-mail: edinalvo_camargo@yahoo.com.br

Telefone: 53-3275-7383

Educação: Ph.D., Texas A&M University, 2012 - ver resume em anexo

Área de Atuação: Weed science, environmental fate and behavior of herbicides, weed resistance in lowland areas


My research activities are focused in the are of e-fate of pesticides, mainly herbicides, in the context of lowland production system. Within this subject we are currently conducting research on carryover, enhanced degradation, dissipation, transport and formulation of herbicides. We are also interested in the impact of climate change on the behavior of herbicides in the environment, the occurrence and management of weed resistant to herbicides in lowland areas and the use of application technology to minimize transport of herbicides.


At graduate level we teach “Chemistry of herbicides and adjuvants” and “ Environmental fate of herbicides” and collaborate with others class within our program such as “Introduction to Analytical Methods in Weed Science"


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