Process Instructions

Overall registration instructions

Registering yourself is a quite tranquil task and can be done from September 24th to November 1st.

You should select 10 countries in the Applicable Countries page from the committee you are investing in or the newspaper you’d like to answer for in the Applicable Newspapers section in Registration menu above. Although it’s not guarantee you are going to end up with your most desired selection, you can be sure we will try our best to make everyone content with their designated committee.

Next, proceed to fill the Registration Form found as well in the same menu. During the procedure, please inform your chosen committees up to 10 countries by order of preference. This is necessary to guarantee fairness in the staff’s allocating work.

The application needs to be sent specifying who your pre-established pair is by name as well as with the same desirable representable country. That said, each application shall be send separately.


Payment Information

The charging fee of this year’s simulation is R$65,00 and gets you access to the whole simulation event, all the sessions and coffee breaks that is.

After registering, you will have three days to pay the registration fee.
The payment has to be done through deposit or bank transfer to one of the following bank accounts

Banco  Bradesco                              
Agência: 2075                    
Conta: 0028421-1

Victória Sedrez Burck Duarte
CPF: 022.214.500-51

Be sure your deposit is identified and to send us the deposit receipt through the project’s e-mail account ( with the subject in all capital letters “DEPOSIT RECEIPT” preferentially to facilitate the identification.

When the full amount is received by the staff and everything is confirmed, you will receive a confirmation e-mail.