An interesting, challenging and great debate will depend a lot on the knowledge that the delegates have about the country they are going to represent, the case that is going to be discussed and the committee they are going to join. Not only that, it is also necessary that the participants understand how the United Nations operates.

In order to achieve that, participants are strongly recommended to research on the United Nations system, the committees’ topics and the policies, culture and any other peculiarity of the countries before the event.

To make the simulation more real, it is important that the delegates dominate the foreign policy of the country to be represented, it will also help while negotiating. The more information gathered the better will be the arguments to defend the case and more will be shared with the other delegates!

The United Nations website an excellent source, have a look there.

Furthermore, the material for orientation as well as study guides, general policies, rules of procedure and whatnot will be updated here in the next couple months around when the period of registrations starts.

Be back until them.