General Policies

Below you can find the event general policies and inquiries. Have in mind that all participants abide to them. For the complete rules and policies set, visit the out Rules of Procedure page where you can find the document with everything in details.

Dress Code
To delegates are requested to follow business attire in order to maintain the integrity of the conferences. Traditional clothes that reflect cultural backgrounds are allowed if they keep a similar level of formality. It’s not allowed item of clothing like flip flops and shorts.

Committee Session Policy
All delegates are expected to be in their respective committee’s rooms during the sessions. If there is a need for a delegate to leave the committee room for an extended period of time, the Chair must be informed. Otherwise the delegate will be considered missing the session.

Diplomacy Language
At all times, it is essential that delegates address each other with respect. It is conventional, and professional, to refer to another delegate as “fellow delegate” or equivalent courteous terms. Similarly, when speaking of the views of their country, delegates should not refer to them as being their own, e.g. do not say “my position”, and use instead “my country’s position” or, for instance “Brazil’s position”. The language used during the conference shall reflect in every way the fact that delegates are representing their countries and that they are trying to politely cooperate with each other.

Country Assignment
Fees will not be refundable even if a delegate does not accept the country that has been assigned to them. Please note that submitting a country preference is not a guarantee of receiving this country assignment. However, the chances of having a country preference attended are higher the sooner it is submitted.

Alcohol & Drug Policy
According to Brazilian law, participants under 18 are not allowed to consume alcohol. Open containers of alcohol may not be carried in the conference venue. Furthermore, delegates possessing or making use of illicit drugs will be forced to leave the conference immediately.

Smoking Policy
It’s prohibited smoking indoors in public spaces. The delegates will not be permitted to smoke inside any committee room or hallway in the conference venue.

Delegate Fee
The fee to participate is to be announced. The payment method is through deposit or bank transfer to the bank account specified on the “Registration” page.  The conference fee is non-refundable.

Certificate of Participation
Participants must achieve at least 75% of presence in order to qualify for the certificate. The delivery of the participation certificates will be send in a later date through e-mail.

The PelotasMUN and the conference venue are not responsible for belongings left in the locations hosting the event. However, if there are any missing objects, the PelotasMUN staff must be contacted and will be happy to help any way possible.

The Secretary-General is the only staff member empowered to grant exceptions to any conference policies. If there is any request for exceptions, it must be submitted in writing form to or