2017 – Debate on

In this fifth edition, the already quite well established simulation decides to expand upon the quite fresh and successful secundaristas project and aims to enhance the project basis with mostly new blood coming in from the new and biggest organizer commission yet, which now accommodates students from the UFPel Law and as well as Administrative course.

In this year, the university also helped the project with a new website in the university’s domain as well as helping in new different areas given the success and recognition the project has created in the region.


  • UNSC: (a) The Situation in Venezuela; (b) The Situation in South Sudan; (c) Threats to peace and security in Middle East caused by terrorist groups.
  • UNHCR: (a) Gender violence; (b) Racism and Xenophobia in the Context of the Migration Crisis.
  • Press:  The New York Times, Le Monde,  Al Jazeera and Global Times.

Organizer Commission

For the first time, the PelotasMUN organizer commission has added  Administrative students to it besides the traditional International Relations  and the still recent Law students in the project. This is the biggest commission we have had so far but hopefully not the biggest to come.

  • Alice Paiva
  • Aline Andrade
  • Alysson Araldi
  • Ana Carolyna
  • Ariane Dorneles
  • Camila Zanatta
  • Carolina Castro
  • Daniel Dorneles
  • Éberson Polita
  • Fernando Cavada
  • Francine Soares
  • Giovanna Teo
  • Joana Gastal
  • Bruna Uchoa
  • Laura Menon
  • Lucas Morás
  • Luciano Gioielli
  • Luiz Gustavo
  • Monique Aguiar
  • Nairana Bones
  • Rayanne Matias
  • Sabrina Moura
  • Susane Martineli
  • Tais Meroni
  • Victoria Burke