2016 – Let a new era emerge

In the fourth edition along with the simulated committees and with the press committee, it was the first time the event accommodated a non-English simulation for high school students in the local language, Brazilian Portuguese.

The new addition was such a success, that the edition of the following year decided to expand on the new and more inclusive community committee given the highlight the secundaristas were.


  • UNSC: (a) War on Drugs; (b) The Spartly Islands Dispute; (c) The Kurds.
  • ExCom UNHCR: (a) Armed attacks on Refugee Camps; (b) Stateless People; (c) Women and Children Refugees.
  • Press:  The New York Times, China Daily, El País and Al Jazeera.

Organizer Commission

One different factor from the 2016 edition in the composed organizer commission was the introduction of Law students besides the International Relations ones to help creating the event. Again, the ever-growing commission was composed of the following students (in alphabetical order):

  • Alice Fuscaldo
  • Aline Andrade
  • Alisson Costa
  • Barbhara Eidam
  • Bruna Uchoa
  • Camila Schwonke Zanatta
  • Carolina Castro
  • Éberson Polita
  • Giovanna Teo
  • Giulia Segatto
  • Gustavo Cardoso Fontanetti
  • Joana Gastal
  • Lethícia Xavier da Cunha
  • Lucas Otávio Morás
  • Luciano Gioielli
  • Maria Rita Dinegri
  • Marina Tavares, Matheus Rodrigues
  • Pedro Henrique de Oliveira
  • Roberta Orabe
  • Vinícius França
  • Wallace Cavoli