2015 – Let peace be our guest

In the third edition of PelotasMUN, the event showed even more grow and a community eager for more. This time around, the event took place from October the 1st to the 4th, in 2015.

Now, there were two  committees, the United Nations Security Counsel, the Atomic Energy Agency and with the addition of a Press Committee one to publish the news and inform everyone about everything that was happening during the simulation days.


  • UNSC: (a) The Situation in the Arctic; (b) Security Threats in the Gulf of Guinea.
  • IAEA: (a) Iranian Nuclear Program; (b) The use of atomic energy as a source of electrical power.
  • Press: The New York Times, The Guardian and the China Daily.


Organizer Commission

The organizer commission was composed by the following students then (in alphabetical order):

  • Alexandre Barneche
  • Alisson Costa
  • Andressa Timm Bauer
  • Anelise do Pró
  • Anna Garghetti
  • Giulia Dietrich
  • Iazana Matuella
  • Isaac Holz
  • Juliana Hepp
  • Leonardo Agrello Madruga
  • Lethicia Xavier da Cunha
  • Marina Tavares
  • Matheus Hermógenes
  • Maíra Aoki
  • Rafaela van der Laan
  • Rodolfo Tschöpe
  • Tamara Lacerda
  • Wagner Roveder