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One of main goals of  the Postgraduate  Program in Visual Arts of UFPel is developing research in the field of visual poetics and art teaching.  Projects in the Program have two principal lines of research, involving 12 researchers with ample experience in their areas.

The Program receives research projects in Visual Arts, understanding art as an activity capable of producing critical reflection and productions which  favor the diverse languages of contemporary art.

It deals with critic reflection  about art production in a contemporary context, perceiving this context as a space-time which gives priority to an experience approximating the object and thought of whom conceived it.

The expansion of  investigation is favored through the diversity of the artistic object, which is able, in its  hybrid nature, to branch out in order to become a phenomenon which makes theoretical, historic, critic, educational, discursive, sociocultural and semiotic approaches  possible, as well as others which arise during  the educational process.