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Master’s in Visual Arts

The Master’s in Visual Arts of the PPGAV-UFPel offers an education stricto sensu in the area of Visual Arts, in one of the lines of research. It’s normal length of the course is two years with admission in the first semester each year, and the number of openings announced by public notice each year.
The course’s objective is to provide future professionals and researchers with conceptual baggage and practical experiences that make it possible for them to understand and interpret,both socially and historically , tendencies that configure the different conceptions about Visual Art in the present and about the educational process in this area.
On entering in the Master’s course in Visual Arts, the student, under the supervision of a professor – advisor, will takes courses relevant to the his or her theme of study, will carry out supervised teaching activities, will execute and publish studies in the area and, at the end of the course, will present a dissertation, fruit of his or her research, for the program’s evaluation.