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Lines of Research

The Master of  Visual Arts Program at the  Federal University of Pelotas seeks  to educate artists, art educators and professionals who wish to focus on researching and developing projects and actions in the area of the Visual Arts.

Area of Concentration: Contemporary Art

Critical reflection on art production relating to contemporary contexts, addressing artistic, educational and sociocultural dimensions of these processes. Research and analysis of the uses and meanings involved in narratives and pedagogical practices, in the discourses and paths of contemporary art .


The Program has two main lines of research:

a) Art Teaching and Aesthetic Education

Studies dealing with teaching art  related to the proposition of aesthetic experiences, as well as new  interdisciplinary approaches to pedagogical  practices, in formal and  non-formal education. Aesthetic education mediated by the relations between everyday life and social and cultural contexts .

Professors :

Lúcia Bergamaschi Costa Weymar

Mirela Ribeiro Meira

Nádia da Cruz Senna

Úrsula Rosa da Silva

Carlos Alberto Santos (collaborator)


b) Creative processes and Poetics of the Everyday

Investigations about the conception of, the making of and doing art (poetic and processual dimensions of the artwork) materiality and visuality, processes of forming, creating, mediating and reception in visual poetics and contemporary artistic phenomenon, relating to contemporary cultural  and everyday contexts.


Alice Jean Monsell

Angela Raffin Pohlmann

Eduarda Azevedo Gonçalves

Renata Azevedo Requião

Flávio Roberto Gonçalves (collaborator)