Some papers

Complete CV (Lattes style)

Some journal papers:

  • Camargo, C. A. S. ; Costa, S. A. ; Foss, L. ; Cavalheiro, G. G. H. A Graph Grammar to Transform a Dataflow Graph into a Multithread Graph and its Application in Task Scheduling. Revista de Informática Teórica e Aplicada: RITA, v. 20, p. 140-179, 2013.
  • Camargo, C. A. S. ; Cavalheiro, G. G. H. ; Pilla, M. L. ; Costa, S. A. ; Foss, L. Aproximating static list schedules in dynamic multithreaded applications. Cluster Computing, v. 16, p. 1-14, 2013.
  • Camargo, Cicero A. S. ; Pilla, Maurício Lima ; Fonseca, Lucas D. ; Cavalheiro, G. G. H. Energy Consumption in Peer-to-Peer Protocols for Ubiquitous Devices. Journal of Applied Computing Research, v. 1, p. 104-110, 2012.
  • Silveira, C. L. B. ; Cavalheiro, G. G. H. ; Jung, C. R. ; Jacques, J. C. S. ; Musse, S. R. An improved background subtraction algorithm and concurrent implementations. Parallel Processing Letters, v. 20, p. 71-89, 2010.